Crack Down On Fake Goods on Costa Del Sol


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The police on the costa del sol are cracking down on the fake designer good and handbags for sale.

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This city on Costa del Sol with the highest rate of people that want to move in is administratively divided into three districts. Arroyo de la Miel is one of them, alongside Benalmádena Costa and Benalmádena Pueblo.

In Arroyo de la Miel you will find the majority of the tourist attractions, bars and restaurants, schools or a wide variety of sport institutions, as Spain is one of the highest sports loving countries.

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Carihuela Torremolinos Beach front Evening Walking Tour | Summer Costa del Sol Ambience [Spain 4K]


Carihuela Torremolinos Beach front Evening Walking Tour | Summer Costa del Sol Ambience [Spain 4K]

Sunset version! [Spain 4K Ultra HD] Visit Beautiful Costa del Sol Lovely Seaside Town Carihuela Torremolinos tourist attractions (between Benalmadena and Malaga City, Spain, Andalusia). Summer sunny day relaxing virtual walking video tour with natural surround sound ASMR – original relaxing town sounds /people.

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4K ULTRA HD Walk along documentary video made by PALM Fimi 2 camcorder
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Malaga Spain City Walk January 2023 [4K]


Malaga City, gateway to southern Spain and the Costa del Sol, birthplace of Picasso and boasting one of the best climates in Europe. Underrated for so many years, Malaga City is now justifiably one of Spain’s hottest cultural, gastronomic and leisure destinations.

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MALAGA CITY Nightlife 🇪🇦 ALL BARS & RESTAURANTS FULL OF PEOPLE January 2023 Spain Walking Tour 4K

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Fuengirola 2022 – Beautiful town in the Costa Del Sol, Spain


Only 25km from Malaga International Airport is the town of Fuengirola – one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol. Easily accessible by road, rail or bus, it is not difficult to see why this buzzing cosmopolitan town on the Mediterranean is the number one choice for so many.

Previously, a tiny fishing village, Fuengirola has become a vibrant metropolis with character. The advent of many up-market tapa bars, good cafes and restaurants, interspersed with chic boutiques and other shops of interest, as well as fabulous beaches makes it the perfect holiday destination. The main square, Plaza de la Constitución, has been re-designed but still retains its unique enchantment. It looks pretty especially at Christmas, when it is decorated with very attractive lights and ornaments. It is also attractive during the Fuengirola summer feria, when the whole town takes part in the annual street celebrations. A walk down the narrow, pedestrian streets leading off the main square is a voyage of discovery for the many visitors, who come across some of the hidden secrets and delightful corners of this friendly, Andalucian town.

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Marbella Spain Beautiful City New Year Update January 2023 Costa del Sol | Málaga [4K]


Marbella is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, between Málaga and the Strait of Gibraltar, and at the foot of the Sierra Blanca. It is a city and municipality in southern Spain, belonging to the province of Málaga, in Andalucía.

It is the second most populated municipality in the province and seventh in Andalucía in the year 2020 according to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística. Furthermore, it is one of the most important tourist cities on Costa del Sol and in all of Spain. Most of the year it is a center of attraction for international tourism thanks mainly to its climate and its tourist infrastructures. The city also has a significant archaeological heritage, several museums and performance spaces as well as cultural calendar with events ranging from reggae to the opera.

Home to Renaissance-era whitewashed buildings, flower-draped balconies, and narrow, winding alleys, the Old Town is a must visit in Marbella that showcases tons of history, religion, art and beauty. The ancient city walls that retained nearly the same layout as in the 16th century. The Plaza de los Naranjos attracts visitors with its fragrant orange trees.

Marbella has indeed experienced continuous growth throughtout the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, developing an economy based on the tourist offers aimed at visitors and temporary residents of medium and high purchasing power.

Date of recording
14 January 2023
02:24pm Saturday

See · Feel · Enjoy Andalucía

00:00 In this video
01:00 Paseo Marítimo
05:40 Seaside restaurants
08:52 Paseo Marítimo
11:04 Avenida Duque de Ahumada
19:21 Avenida Miguel Cano
22:48 Avenida Ramón y Cajal
23:49 C Pedraza
24:50 Plaza de la Victoria
25:27 C Estación
26:23 Plaza de los Naranjos
28:29 Plaza Fernando Alcala
29:21 Plaza de los Naranajos
30:23 C Pasaje
30:55 C Cruz
31:17 Plaza Puente de Ronda
31:35 C Ancha
33:01 Plaza Puente de Ronda
33:18 C Remedios
33:51 C Virgen de los Dolores
34:47 C Ortiz de Molinillo
36:00 C Carmen
36:39 Plaza de la Iglesia
37:10 C Caridad
37:29 Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación
37:43 C Caridad
38:11 C Misericordia
39:32 Plaza Altamirano
40:23 C Mendoza
41:09 Avenida de Nabeul
42:09 Access to Old Town
42:40 Hermandad del Nazareno Marbella
43:09 Outro


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Hot and sizzling atmosphere in Málaga, Andalucía, Spain! Have fun and enjoy holidays in Costa del Sol! Amazing beaches and fantastic views! Full of history, arts and culture! Your next perfect holiday destination!

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Malaga in three minutes


Malaga in three minutes

#malaga #spain #summer
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Malaga – One of the Most beautiful Cities in Spain – the City With a Rich Culture and Tourism


◯ Home page of the Malaga tourist-office :

📌 Location : Malaga – Spain – Andalusia
Date recorded: August 1:30 PM Monday
Weather: ⛅ 37 °C | 98 °F 🌡


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Málaga, called “the beautiful”, is located in the center of the basin of the same name, in a space between the hills, the course of the Guadalhorce and the coastal strip leading to the region of Axarquía.

Its privileged geographical location has always attracted travellers, traders, settlers, warriors…, who have left their mark in this now cosmopolitan, universal, open, relaxed and hospitable city.

The places and monuments worthy of interest are so numerous that we can only enumerate them: To the east, the suburb of El Palo with its typical fishermen’s houses, its small creeks, its walks and its traditional fried fish, leads to the Paseo Marítimo (promenade along the sea) with its beaches, the bullring district called La Malagueta, the Farola (the Lighthouse, which has become a symbol of the city) and the port pier from where you can contemplate a magnificent panoramic view of the city. Heading towards the center, we find the avenue du Parc which contains botanical species from all over the world perfectly adapted here thanks to the mild climate. This park takes us to the old town: the imposing Cathedral, the Castle of Gibralfaro, dating from the Muslim dynasty, La Alcazaba or Arab fortress, renovated for the enjoyment of all, and finally, the Roman Theater, testimony to what was the city at that time. Higher up, the Place de la Merced with the birthplace of the genius of painting that was Picasso. All this route is dotted with many churches worthy of interest: San Juan, Santiago, Santo Domingo, los Santos Mártires; the Convent of San Agustín and the Episcopal Palace; finally civil buildings such as the Palace of the Counts of Buenavista and the House of the Consulate.

A walk through its streets reminds us of its spectacular Holy Week and its grandiose Feria.

To the west and north we find the modern city, resulting from the urban growth of the sixties, and the Misericordia beaches that lead to the mouth of the Guadalhorce, a protected area and refuge for thousands of migratory birds.

This whole complex is dominated by the Montes de Málaga, a magnificent Natural Park of hills and small mountains, an ideal place to enjoy its charms.Finally, to this must be added many other tourist offers such as golf courses and water sports as well as other attractions that are difficult to measure such as climate, luminosity, cuisine and charm.

Story :

Estrabón, in the 1st century BC. J-C, cited the Phoenician city located at the foot of the hill where the Alcazaba (Arab fortress) is located.
Roman Málaga experienced a real golden age, as evidenced by its Roman Theater and other important archaeological remains and its status as a confederate city governed by its own laws: the Lex Flavia Malacitana.
A long period of decadence followed the fall of the Empire of Rome and in the year 571 the city was subjected to the domination of Visigoth king Leovigildo.
In the year 711, Tarik, lieutenant of the governor of northern Ifriquiya (Africa) Muza ben Nusayr, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar (Yebel-Tarik) at the head of nearly 10,000 men and undertook the conquest of the entire Peninsula -which he achieved in just five years-, more by knowing how to convince of the idea of ​​a new credo and a renovating lifestyle than by winning by force of arms. In that year Malaga became Muslim and a new period in its history began to last for eight centuries. Its lands were occupied by Yemenis, Berbers, Arabs from the south, Muladis (Spaniards converted to the new religion), Mozarabs (Christians keeping and continuing to practice their religion) and Jews.

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4K Virtual Walking Tour through Torremolinos | Evening beach town resort [Spain] Relaxing Summer


Torremolinos is a Spanish resort town located on the Mediterranean coast in beautiful Andalusia. 4K Virtual Walking Tour, summer memories.

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4K Walking Tour of La Carihuela, Torremolinos, Spain, January 2022

Welcome to La Carihuela Beachch. In this 4k video, we are walking around La Carihuela, Torremolinos on a beautiful sunny day, 2nd of January 2022.

La Carihuela, a well-known Mediterranean resort, is known for its summer beach scene, which includes sophisticated Spanish sea-view restaurants as well as hut-like outdoor chiringuito cafes selling cool beer and traditional pescato fried fish.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy evening strolls along the waterfront, and Punta Gatuna’s craggy promontory offers a peaceful vantage point for watching the sun set. After dark, flashy modern dance clubs fill up.

On this 4k walking tour we visit the centre of La Carihuela, a pedestrian-only street full of shops and cafes. Then we take a walk on the promenade, checking out the bars, cafes and restaurants that this beautiful resort has to offer.

La Carihuela beach is a very popular tourist destination and if you plan to travel to Spain, and make your way to Costa del SOl, La carihuela is a very relaxing area where you can rent an apartment, or book a hotel room.

I hope you enjoyed this walking tour of La Carihuela district in Torremolinos, Andalusia. It was recorded in 4K Ultra HD, at 60fps, for the best quality & smoothest watching experience. I hope it inspires you to visit it soon.

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