Torremolinos – More Than Beaches – What To Do In Torremolinos


In today’s video I head to Torremolinos. I visit Parque de la Bateria (a gun battery turned park), then head to the beaches. I stop in at Casa de los Navajas and finish up in the Plaza Costa Del Sol for some lunch.

00:00 Intro/Parque de la Beteria
04:37 Beaches
06:40 Casa de los Navajas
09:53 Plaza Panorama/Plaza Costa Del Sol

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Life on the Costa del Sol – Better than nothing


Second chat with Mia in Málaga who keeps us up to date with what is happening on the Costa del Sol.

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Mini tsunamis hit Malaga! An amazing sight! Waves are higher than houses!


Haarp or not? Maybe it’s god’s will? Please comment below!
Emergency services have handled over 100 calls as Malaga’s fishing fleet, cruise ships and maritime businesses suffer from high winds. In the Costa del Sol today the wind is eight points, and on the coast the winds reach speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. Emergency services have handled over 100 wind incidents. The five-meter waves are disrupting the port of Malaga, where several cruise ships have been forced to bypass the city or dock just for supplies and continue sailing. There are 250 fishing boats on the Costa del Sol, of which only 25 were able to sail today. Fishing from the five main ports of Estepona, Marbella, Fuengirola, Malaga and Caleta de Velez is not believed to resume in the coming days. Several minor injuries have been reported today when trees have fallen and signs on the Costa del Sol have fallen. Chiringuito at Bikini Beach near Fuengirola Castle is completely destroyed. Fortunately, the cafe was closed at that time and no one was hurt. The fire brigade was called in to assist the staff. Also various coastal areas of Marbella have experienced problems. Torremolinos Town Hall reported “some broken tree branches.

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Malaga 2020 Historic Center Walking Tour. Malaga is back better than ever!


Let me take you on a tour of the historic center of Malaga, Spain. It’s been awhile since the grand re-opening and things have come back in a big way. I will show you the Alcazaba, Malaga Cathedral, Picasso Museum, Plaza Constitution and the famous Larios Street. Come see what Malaga is like now in 2020.

Déjame llevarte en un recorrido por el centro histórico de Málaga, España. Ha pasado un tiempo desde la gran reapertura y las cosas han vuelto a lo grande. Te mostraré la Alcazaba, la Catedral de Málaga, el Museo Picasso, la Plaza Constitución y la famosa Calle Larios. Ven a ver cómo es Málaga ahora en 2020.
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