Malaga 2020 Historic Center Walking Tour. Malaga is back better than ever!


Let me take you on a tour of the historic center of Malaga, Spain. It’s been awhile since the grand re-opening and things have come back in a big way. I will show you the Alcazaba, Malaga Cathedral, Picasso Museum, Plaza Constitution and the famous Larios Street. Come see what Malaga is like now in 2020.

Déjame llevarte en un recorrido por el centro histórico de Málaga, España. Ha pasado un tiempo desde la gran reapertura y las cosas han vuelto a lo grande. Te mostraré la Alcazaba, la Catedral de Málaga, el Museo Picasso, la Plaza Constitución y la famosa Calle Larios. Ven a ver cómo es Málaga ahora en 2020.
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  1. Nice video! Very happy to see everything is opening up and tourists are coming. Malaga is such a beautiful, fun place. Thanks for the tour.

  2. LOOOOL did you get angry at @19:30 ?? footage abruptly ended ajajajajaj La Mascarilla Hombreee" soo many people photo bombed you in that area. Patience was wearing thin a presume…

  3. OMG!!! now you are officially famous!!!!! well done! i cant wait for that to happen to me here also 😜

  4. Great video. Great to see life blooming again! Cant wait to get to spain!!

  5. Great video! Can't wait to get back to Malaga. Looks like life is getting back to normal.

  6. Beautiful malaga I can't wait to visit. So good to see people enjoying the outdoors again and thank for the tour 🙂. Your content is addictive

  7. I also love Malaga. A very nice place to visit in Spain. Thanks for the tour traveladdictguy. Wow so many people visiting and enjoying life.

  8. Malaga looking great there. can't wait to get there!!!!Thanks for the walk …

  9. Hey TAG, walk up the hill to Alcazaba and show everyone the amazing view of the bullring and the city.

  10. Hi TAG, its really good to see all the crowds out enjoying themselves. I hate that compulsory mask wearing, so unnecessary

  11. Málaga historic center has become the endless bar…Thanks for sharing. After 3 days struggling with coffee makers, I have managed to fix them…

  12. Hiya I hope you are keeping well and enjoying your new apartment, dating back then sounds romantic, great tour video thank you for sharing, take care.

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