Life on the Costa del Sol – Better than nothing

Second chat with Mia in Málaga who keeps us up to date with what is happening on the Costa del Sol.

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20 gedachten over “Life on the Costa del Sol – Better than nothing

  1. Petrol (gasoline) may be cheaper in the US but, depending on where you live, you may drive twice as much as in Europe…so that wipes out any cost saving. Also car insurance prices can be more expensive. I say this having lived in California for 18 years…and now Alicante.

  2. Walmart recently announced it's upping starting salaries for the company's truck drivers to between $95,000 to $110,000 a year, which is up from the current average starting salary of $87,000.

  3. So that´s why there´s no milk south of Granada, you went and panic-bought a whole three litres — struth mate !

  4. Very interesting! Loved her input on the U.S. vs. Spain for daily living.

  5. Hi, great video with informative and interesting topics.
    If I understand what you said correctly about retired expats not paying income tax here, I would like to point out that we pay income tax in Spain by law on all worldwide income if tax resident ie over 183 days per year living in the country.
    An exception is that government ex-employees from uk eg police, NHS etc are required to pay income tax on their pensions in uk. However they pay a higher rate of spanish income tax on the state pension just because the uk government employment pension exists!
    All local taxes are paid here of course just as you say but overall I think there are plenty of people here evading tax. Perhaps if everyone paid their proper dues the government might be under a little less pressure when funding pensions here.

  6. Many thanks, Stu! It was good to hear from Mia. I was a bit confused about something… Because of a trucking and fisherman strike, Malaga was getting fresh fish from China instead? And frozen fish from Portugal? Maybe I missed something there, but that seemed quite confusing. I'm glad things are getting back to normal down there, though.

  7. Why are Spanish banks over charging British Expats for service charges since Brexit? Sabadell are charging my 80 year old father 40 euros a month for a debit card and current account. Shocking

  8. Hi Stuart I really enjoy your chats with Mia. Very interesting and informative. Thank you

  9. Sorry if the information below is now wrong. Apparently it is now index linked. It never used to be when I lived in Spain but that was a long time ago. Appologies for the wrong info.

  10. Stu, Mia is a great complement to your show. It is very interesting to hear her perspectives. By the way, here in western Canada, I have had absolutely no problem with her audio. Cheers,

  11. The milk situation is much different in California vs. Florida apparently. In California supermarket milk is fresh, hormone and antibiotic free and never watered down. Milk is available in whole; 2%; 1%; and non-fat, as well as lactase free milk. All of it is fresh. Shelf stable milk is not available except in powdered form. People keep that on hand in case of earthquakes. Only whipping cream is available at a specialty market owned by Aldi in the tetra-pak. We are the land of fresh here. 🌞

  12. Good to hear from Mia again, it is lovely to have a woman's perspective. Semana Santa in Malaga is a wonderful experience, I am sure she will enjoy it. I look forward to your daily blog, they are always balanced , informative and always entertaining. Thanks for all your hard work Stuart .

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