Malaga City Spain Amazing City Summer 2023 September Update Costa del Sol | Andalucía [4K 60fps]

The Spanish city of Málaga is a Mediterranean seaport on the Costa del Sol in the Andalucía region of southern Spain. It is the 2nd most populous city in Andalucía, the 6th in Spain and more importantly, a significant tourist destination. This beautiful city is also famous for rich architectural history, Mediterranean cuisine, local wines and sandy beaches.

Declared as one of the oldest cities in the world, the city of Málaga enjoys a rich traditional and cultural heritage. The city was founded in 770 BC by the Phoenicians, and has seen numerous civilizations such as Arabic, Roman, Christian, etc.

The magnificent city of Málaga is a world apart in itself. The culturally rich coastal city in the autonomous community of Andalucia was once described by the poet Vicente Aleixandre as ‘a paradise between the sky and the earth.’

Málaga truly is a sunlit paradise with miles and miles of enchanting shoreline, mesmerizing scenery, and pristine beaches. The region enjoys a mild climate throughout the year as it is snuggled between the two river valleys (Guadalhorce and Guadalmina) and is surrounded by the mighty mountains, thanks to its geographical location. It has numerous parks, exciting landmarks and plenty of places for sightseeing which makes it an ideal place to spend a family vacation.

The city has presented several distinguished people like, painter Pablo Picasso, Andalusian poet Solomon Ibn Gabirol and Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas.

Date of recording
04 September 2023
06:28pm Monday

See · Feel · Enjoy Andalucía

00:00 In this video
01:00 C Marqués de Larios
01:18 Plaza de la Constitución
02:17 C Marqués de Larios
06:34 Alameda Principal
08:39 C Puerta del Mar
10:45 Plaza de Félix Sáenz
11:00 C Nueva
12:47 Pasaje Luciano Martínez
13:18 C Cinco Bolas
13:37 C San Juan
13:54 Iglesia de San Juan Bautista
14:06 C San Juan
15:24 C Santos
16:11 C Compañía
16:35 Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón
16:48 C Compañía
18:21 Plaza de la Constitución
19:19 C Granada
21:07 C Calderería
22:11 Plaza de Uncibay
23:49 C Méndez Nuñez
24:25 C Granada
26:20 C San Agustín
26:54 C Granada
27:22 Plaza de la Judería
27:57 C Zegrí
28:31 Teatro Romano de Málaga | Alcazaba
29:49 C Alcazabilla
31:49 Plaza María Guerrero
32:21 Plaza de la Constitución
35:31 C Granada
36:49 Plaza de la Judería
37:25 C Zegrí
37:56 C Alcazabilla
39:38 Plaza de la Aduana
40:36 C Císter
42:17 Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga
44:00 C San Agustín
46:35 C Granada
49:11 Plaza del Siglo
49:40 C Molina Lario
51:28 Plaza del Obispo
52:46 C Molina Lario
53:45 Outro


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Hot and sizzling atmosphere in Málaga, Andalucía, Spain! Have fun and enjoy holidays in Costa del Sol! Amazing beaches and fantastic views! Full of history, arts and culture! Your next perfect holiday destination!

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  3. We’ve just come back from Malaga. The city is beautiful. We stayed at the Benalmadena Palace Hotel. It was fantastic. I missing Spain, I want to go back.

  4. 🎹hi, gefällt mir, tolles Video, danke für gegenseitige Unterstützung, wir wünschen dir noch eine schöne Woche, liebe Grüße Anne & Siggi 🔔 Abofreund 🔔

  5. So amazing beautiful city for holidays , very nice and beautiful people 🎉❤

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