Málaga City Latest Update April 2021 Costa del Sol | Andalucía, Spain [4K 60fps]


Recorded April 23, 2021
Friday 03:15pm
Steps: 6289 steps

See · Feel · Enjoy Andalucía

Málaga is a city and municipality of Spain, located in Andalucía, in the south of the country. An important tourist destination, Málaga is also known as “the capital of the Costa del Sol,” with an estimated 6 million tourists visiting the city every year.

It is the sixth most populous city in Spain, the second in Andalucía and the forty-sixth in the European Union. It is also the largest and most populous coastal city in southern Spain.

Due to the fact that the city presents a wide overlap of traces of the passage of civilizations throughtout the centuries, both from the East and from the West in such a small urban space, Málaga has been declared a Historic Site. Remains from the eras of Phoenicians, Punics, Arabs, Romans, and etc., turn the city center into an authentic historical “palimpsest” in a way monuments such as the Roman Theater, the Cathedral, the Alcazaba, the Customs House, the Jewish Quaters and the rich underground archeological heritage coexist.

The city of Málaga is also known for being the birthplace of the famous painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso and has two spaces dedicated to the artist in the historic center: la Casa Natal de Picasso, located in the Plaza de la Merced, which also houses the foundation of the same name and where the objects from his childhood are preserved, and one of the three most important museums about the artist, the Museo Picasso Málaga.

Málaga cuisine is a collection of all the gastronomy of the province and is part of the Mediterranean diet. The grilled sardines or “espetos,” the anchovies or “boquerones”, both pickled and fried, and the fried fish or “pescaíto frito” made with anchovies, mackerel, mullet, octopus or squid, are the mosst typical dishes but also include noodle casserole or “cazuela de fideos,” the gazpacho, the gazpachuelo, the migas, the Málaga salad, the ajoblanco, and the porra antequerana, among others. Málaga is also known for its sweet wines that have been produces since ancient times. Rum and brandy from Málaga are also traditional.

Just like almost all the towns and cities in southern Spain, Málaga annually celebrated Christmas, Holy Week, the evening of San Juan, carnival, August Fair or “Feria de Agosto” as well as other more recent and foreign-origin such as Halloween which coincides with the Feast of All Saints. The Holy Week in Málaga with many magnificent processions, is declared as an International Tourist Interest since 1965.

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