Torremolinos Nightlife October 2020, MÁLAGA Costa del Sol | Málaga, Spain | Night Walking Tour [4K]


Recorded October 26, 2020.

See, Feel, Enjoy Andalucía

Ghost town? That’s what it looked like as we went down to the beach from the Old Town. The famous Calle San Miguel was still quite lively with most of the shops still opened and a few closing. There were also people having fun and enjoying their stay in the town. The autumn has arrived indeed. Everything seemed closed but perhaps they closed early. Most of the tourists have gone home. There was a rare feeling of emptiness. It felt so different from the usual busy and happy street. But still, we were able to appreciate the beauty of Torremolinos. And we are sure that we will be back soon!

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✈Torremolinos beach - Autumn Time 2020 - Malaga - Spain

A relaxing walk along the beaches of Torremolinos on a sunny Sunday in November. Walking from the Alamos beach to the Carihuela beach. Andalusia. Spain.

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Filmed November 1, 2020
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  1. I would be happy to see what is happening in Nogalera in the evening – are there any working bars, are there people …, to feel the atmosphere in this new situation.

  2. Really in teresting, my friend 👍
    I enjoyed this 13min 😁👍

  3. Really enjoyed your amazing walking tour.
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  4. Such a relaxing night. I can see fewer people now than before. But either way, thanks for this video!

  5. It's good to know that there are still people even though summer is over. Great video man!

  6. amazing nightwalk my friend! ang liwanag ng streets kht gabe! ganda 🙂

  7. It´s so nice to experience the sight and sounds even if I am not there. Great video!!

  8. La playa es increíble, me encanta Málaga ojalá poder visitar España pronto, nuevo like y nuevo sub aquí 🙌

  9. Torremolinos beach is quiet and beautiful, a good video. My friend. subscribed 218 . like 4.🙆🏻‍♀️😃👍

  10. Beautiful beach! excellent walking tour! thank you for sharing! greetings!

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