Malaga – One of the Most beautiful Cities in Spain – the City With a Rich Culture and Tourism

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📌 Location : Malaga – Spain – Andalusia
Date recorded: August 1:30 PM Monday
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Málaga, called “the beautiful”, is located in the center of the basin of the same name, in a space between the hills, the course of the Guadalhorce and the coastal strip leading to the region of Axarquía.

Its privileged geographical location has always attracted travellers, traders, settlers, warriors…, who have left their mark in this now cosmopolitan, universal, open, relaxed and hospitable city.

The places and monuments worthy of interest are so numerous that we can only enumerate them: To the east, the suburb of El Palo with its typical fishermen’s houses, its small creeks, its walks and its traditional fried fish, leads to the Paseo Marítimo (promenade along the sea) with its beaches, the bullring district called La Malagueta, the Farola (the Lighthouse, which has become a symbol of the city) and the port pier from where you can contemplate a magnificent panoramic view of the city. Heading towards the center, we find the avenue du Parc which contains botanical species from all over the world perfectly adapted here thanks to the mild climate. This park takes us to the old town: the imposing Cathedral, the Castle of Gibralfaro, dating from the Muslim dynasty, La Alcazaba or Arab fortress, renovated for the enjoyment of all, and finally, the Roman Theater, testimony to what was the city at that time. Higher up, the Place de la Merced with the birthplace of the genius of painting that was Picasso. All this route is dotted with many churches worthy of interest: San Juan, Santiago, Santo Domingo, los Santos Mártires; the Convent of San Agustín and the Episcopal Palace; finally civil buildings such as the Palace of the Counts of Buenavista and the House of the Consulate.

A walk through its streets reminds us of its spectacular Holy Week and its grandiose Feria.

To the west and north we find the modern city, resulting from the urban growth of the sixties, and the Misericordia beaches that lead to the mouth of the Guadalhorce, a protected area and refuge for thousands of migratory birds.

This whole complex is dominated by the Montes de Málaga, a magnificent Natural Park of hills and small mountains, an ideal place to enjoy its charms.Finally, to this must be added many other tourist offers such as golf courses and water sports as well as other attractions that are difficult to measure such as climate, luminosity, cuisine and charm.

Story :

Estrabón, in the 1st century BC. J-C, cited the Phoenician city located at the foot of the hill where the Alcazaba (Arab fortress) is located.
Roman Málaga experienced a real golden age, as evidenced by its Roman Theater and other important archaeological remains and its status as a confederate city governed by its own laws: the Lex Flavia Malacitana.
A long period of decadence followed the fall of the Empire of Rome and in the year 571 the city was subjected to the domination of Visigoth king Leovigildo.
In the year 711, Tarik, lieutenant of the governor of northern Ifriquiya (Africa) Muza ben Nusayr, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar (Yebel-Tarik) at the head of nearly 10,000 men and undertook the conquest of the entire Peninsula -which he achieved in just five years-, more by knowing how to convince of the idea of ​​a new credo and a renovating lifestyle than by winning by force of arms. In that year Malaga became Muslim and a new period in its history began to last for eight centuries. Its lands were occupied by Yemenis, Berbers, Arabs from the south, Muladis (Spaniards converted to the new religion), Mozarabs (Christians keeping and continuing to practice their religion) and Jews.

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