CAMINITO DEL REY Travel Guide: World's scariest hike?! | Malaga, Spain

Thinking of trekking ‘Caminito del Rey’ near Malaga in Spain? This is how we scored tickets, where we stayed, where to go and what to do. Let’s explore one of the world’s scariest paths… for a full-day hike with a tour guide. We also discuss the history and the terrible accident that happened in 2000. And the multi-million dollar re-opening that followed in 2015.

ARE YOU READY? This is bucket list stuff!

Ps. Don’t drop your hat. 😬😐 | EPISODE 6

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CAMINITO DEL REY, MALAGA – SPAIN | World’s Most Dangerous Hike!?

On our road trip in Andalucía (South Spain) we of course had to hike the El Caminito del Rey, just an hour away from Malaga. Once known as the “walk of death”, with 100m deep jaw-dropping cliffs, mountains, bridges, and canyons. No surprise this 7.7km path once was the world’s most dangerous hike! Join us on our adventure, and you will know why!

00:00 first glimpse Caminito del Rey
00:29 welcome to Let’s Meet Abroad
00:52 intro Caminito del Rey, Spain
01:08 getting ready for the hike
01:30 parking Caminito del Rey
02:13 safety instructions Caminito del Rey
03:01 starting the world’s most dangerous hike!
04:18 walking on the walkway
04:57 why is the Caminito del Rey the world’s most dangerous hike?
05:50 reopening Caminito del Rey
07:39 suspension bridge crossing
09:17 getting back to our car
09:41 thanks for watching!

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