CAMINITO DEL REY Travel Guide: World's scariest hike?! | Malaga, Spain

Thinking of trekking ‘Caminito del Rey’ near Malaga in Spain? This is how we scored tickets, where we stayed, where to go and what to do. Let’s explore one of the world’s scariest paths… for a full-day hike with a tour guide. We also discuss the history and the terrible accident that happened in 2000. And the multi-million dollar re-opening that followed in 2015.

ARE YOU READY? This is bucket list stuff!

Ps. Don’t drop your hat. 😬😐 | EPISODE 6

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  1. Video very helpful thanks a million..I have this booked for November with my two grandchildren 11 & 12 and I get dizzy standing on a chair Ha!! .. so it will be exciting to see what happens.. it looks spectacular looking forward to looking at your other videos

  2. You should watch the video filmed 8 years ago before the new path was built , that ones scariest

  3. I have SEVERE vertigo. If there were no side rails, and I looked over, my body would automatically follow from absolutely no balance.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I've been wanting to do the El Caminito del Rey for maaany many years now. Finally, I booked the trip for this June. After seeing where you've stayed, I made a reservation at El Chorro for one night and got a great deal! Can't wait for June to come! Many, many thanks! I'll check your other videos for more valuable tips.

  5. The old "Caminito del Rey" was scary. This is safe, what are you talking about ?
    I guess you have never been on some mountain trails or some really scary fenceless hiking trails

  6. that was breathtaking , then i saw the food …….and now i have to go there …..omg

  7. I'm going here in a few weeks and just came across this video! I'm super excited, especially after watching – loved your video!

  8. Enjoyed your hike and video Kristina! I also went on a hike recently in Spain, not as epic or scary as yours, but a lot of fun, maybe you’ll take a look: Left you a 👍🏻 and subscribed too 😊 Jackie

  9. Ohh it's me!!! How have I found this video? 🤪 Good job, great video.

  10. I hiked this in 1995…. I suppose I was one of those trespassers…no rails, no helmets, no harness., half the path fallen away and iron girders to step on over open gaps to the cliff bottom……
    Then it was dangerous for sure…. Sorry but there is no danger on this present day tourist version.
    Nice video though

  11. Your videos are amazing! So glad I found them. Adding this to our Europe trip for sure!

  12. Brings back good memories – I took my dad there (a climber) and did the old one after I graduated in 2008 – it looks alot tamer now – but still spectacular :-)! (Didn't know about the potential for a fine at the time – perhaps that came in later!). El Chorro was nice – out of the way in those days. I don't know if it's still true but El Chorro was a "request stop" you could ask them to stop the train there, otherwise it carried on.

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