Torremolinos Old Town + La Nogalera Latest Update November 2020 | Málaga, Spain | Walking Tour 4K


Recorded November 24, 2020

See, Feel, Enjoy Andalucía

I went to Torremolinos this morning to see what’s going on in the area. I arrived early around 10:30 am. The place is alive and there are activities within the old town. There were people having breakfasts, drinking coffee, just walking with the family, and everyone’s busy. There were shops still not opened but that’s alright. We hope they open again real soon, holidays are coming and lots of people come to buy gifts and spend time with their loved one.

I passed by the Plaza de la Nogalera area and it is still under construction, unfortunately. I think this is far from over. You may notice that they have removed the beautiful fountain on the center of the plaza. That is just sad. Hopefully that will replace it with something much better but it is still early to say. We wish for the construction to be over so that people can pass by and enjoy the plaza peacefully. We hope that we will see improvements in the area real soon.

I really enjoyed this early morning walk. It wasn’t that hot nor too cold. Just that right amount of autumn breeze. I hope you enjoyed this video guys! This is definitely what we need now that there are still restrictions in various autonomous communities here in Spain.

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  1. Nice tour of Torre, thanks for the video. Can’t wait to go back for our holidays in Torremolinos as soon as possible. Very good video shooting skill and not shaky at all. Keep up the good work 👍🏼!

  2. Thank you always for the good video🏃 have a nice day 👍LK✅FW

  3. Very peaceful and lovely place. Looks so amazing place for walk.
    Thanks for taking us along dear my friend.
    Stay safe and connected. Greetings from Japan. Have a great day!

  4. Great walk, so beautiful old town. Thanks for great share, my friend!

  5. Qué hermoso lugar y bonito recorrido en pie!
    Gracias por compartir amigo! : )

  6. Impresiona ver estas zonas tan vacías! Muchas gracias por enseñárnoslo 👍

  7. nice little town on there, so cool to explore!! great walk my friend! 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing this vidwo para na din ako nakarating sa lugar na yan…so beautiful and peaceful..keep safe while walking.

  9. I enjoy your peaceful walk, Kriel. It's a very nice neighborhood to stroll around enjoying the autumn breeze. Thanks for sharing Spain with us.

  10. It's a very interesting video.
    While watching the video, when the alley way comes out, it feels more interesting 😄👍
    Thank you for sharing, my friend,i enjoyed it 👍 #16

  11. It seems like the old town is still busy today. Perfect ending at the beach too. Thank you!

  12. Menos mal que puedo ver tus vídeos desde que no puedo salir del pueblo. 😅

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