Why I moved from Spain's Costa del Sol to the Costa Blanca

In today’s video I discuss the reasons why we moved from Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol to Benidorm on the Costa Blanca.

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20 gedachten over “Why I moved from Spain's Costa del Sol to the Costa Blanca

  1. Good video , but please do not put flamenco music to show Benidorm . Flamenco is only in the south … Every video of Spain , even if it´s in Bilbao , Vigo or Valencia there is a flamenco music disturbing… It´s like hearing bagpipes while you are showing Montana or Illinois. There are many comunities in Spain and Andalucía is just one in 17.

  2. Very interesting. Having just visited both areas in July to evaluate for my ultimate move, I did like Benidorm more than I expected I would, but I do love Malaga city. I was less enamored with Fuengirola than anticipated, but I liked Benalmadena and Torremolinos. I also like the proximity of Benidorm to Alicante, and I got an instant vibe in Alicante as a nice place to settle. As a dual U.S. and Italian citizen, having the freedom to settle anywhere in the EU is exciting. Thanks for giving your take on the two areas.

  3. What about mosquitoes on the two costas? Mosquitoes looove me.. I need an area with minimal of them.

  4. I live in Fuengirola, in the Torreblanca area. Dog shit everywhere. I wont be moving though 😅. Please continue with vids

  5. What seperates Benidorm from many other resorts is that the Mayor and city hall appreciate what tourists want and bring to the town and listen to the bar owners etc and work together to improve the town for the residents and the tourists. Hope you enjoy the town and stay!

  6. Congrats on your new move! How exciting! So nice to have more space. Good idea to rent for a year or two. Fantastic information about moving to Costa Blanca. Nice the town is a bit more bilingual there, that's helpful but also so cool you are working hard to improve your Spanish! Love that. Awesome video. What a beautiful place!

  7. Great video! We are a little behind you, considering costa del sol versus costa blanca. Great to hear your further comparisons of the two (e.g. housing, green spaces, tennis, "friendliness" etc.)…please keep them coming!

  8. Can you tell me if you can how much a lawyer charges I know it's a package deal,however,it will give me a general idea thanks planning on meeting the lady lawyer whpm you interviewed between February and March thanks from Florida

  9. Good to know about the better situation with dog poo in Costablanca. Never heard this mentioned before. BTW Spain has a bad reputation on general for animal rights.

  10. We retirees should not concentrate on certain towns, because they end up becoming authentic ghettos. I am Galician and I have gone to spend a few winters in the Mediterranean, I like the climate, but I dislike seeing how some towns are full of old people. I now live in a small town in Galicia, winter is a bit harsh, not so much because of the weather as because of the light, but you also have greater tranquility, wonderful nature, and you can enjoy small pleasures like chopping wood for the fireplace, go to the market and buy 100% natural food, wood-fired bread, have a coffee or wine surrounded by people of all ages and above all be part of an authentic community, not a Disneyland for the elderly

  11. No matter where you move in…Spain is an excellent country, btw very unknown by most US citizens here in the States…💝

  12. Im really happy you found the right place for you eventually! I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  13. We are from belgium and bought an apt in Benahavis (costa del sol). We went to costa blanca too, but there are much more things to do in costa del sol… Also in winter, the costa del soll is full of life… Costa blanca was mostly dead in the winter (Benidorm not).

  14. Congratulations ! I was planing in moving to the Malaga area but now I am focusing 🧘‍♀️ n Almeria

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