Sevens Series 2021-22 – Malaga Day 2 – English Commentary


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17 gedachten over “Sevens Series 2021-22 – Malaga Day 2 – English Commentary

  1. Individual match time stamps

    12:00 England vs Brazil womens
    34:00 France vs Russia womens
    55:00 Poland vs Canada womens
    1:39:00 Ireland vs Belgium womens
    2:01:12 Australia vs Spain womens

    2:38:00 Wales vs Canada mens
    3:00:00 France vs Kenya mens
    3:23:00 Japan vs Germany mens
    3:45:40 Australia vs Ireland mens
    4:28:10 South Africa vs England mens
    5:12:10 USA vs Argentina mens

    6:04:10 England vs USA womens
    6:26:00 France vs Ireland womens
    6:48:50 Russia vs Poland womens
    7:10:00 Australia vs Canada womens
    7:33:00 Brazil vs Belgium womens

    8:31:10 Kenya vs Scotland mens
    8:53:00 Spain vs Japan mens
    9:15:00 Jamaica vs Germany mens
    10:18:00 South Africa vs canada mens
    10:45:46 Australia vs USA mens

    11:16:00 France vs England mens
    11:44:10 Ireland vs Argentina mens (incomplete game)

  2. The Canada v South Africa Quarter final. Canada were robbed of a fair try plus RSA’s second try included taking out a Canadian player. Really enjoyed the footy but that game in particular is the worst refereeing performance I’ve seen in 7’s.

  3. What happened to the second half or Irl v Arg? You cut the transmission at halftime. Very disappointed !!

  4. Thanks for the upload love this please send more b ireland

  5. let us watch the live, on day 3; broadcast on youtube like Dubai 7s

  6. Thank you for leaving out the last 4 minutes of the last QF. Really?

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