Q&A | Answering some of your common questions | Moving to Málaga, Spain 2022


In this video, I answer some of your questions from my last few videos and give a bit of an update on how things have been going for us here since moving to Málaga, Spain 11 months ago.

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Chapter Markers:
00:00 – Start
00:50 – How have you made friends?
04:23 – How do you find doctors?
06:56 – How are you learning Spanish?
15:02 – What’s the best place for students to live?
19:30 – What’s the cost of living for a student?
22:13 – Can you do a walking tour of Malaga?
22:44 – What are the best places to buy furniture and household items?
26:54 – What’s your favourite thing about living in Malaga?
29:39 – What’s your favourite food in Malaga?
31:12 – What’s your favourite Spanish food?
33:32 – Outro

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S batohem kolem světa #1 – Málaga

Vítejte u série videí, které jsme tématicky pojmenovali “S batohem kolem světa”. Už nějakou dobu si hrajeme s myšlenkou takového mini “youtube pořadu,” ve kterém se s vámi chceme podělit o místa, která jsme s batůžkem navštívili. No a náš první pokus dopadl nějak takhle – berte to trošku s rezervou prosím :-D.

* Španělsky neumíme, a tak se předem omlouváme za špatnou výslovnost 🙂

Krásnou Andalusii jsme navštívili v prosinci 2019 s našimi kamarády. Článek k tomuto videu si můžete přečíst na následujícím odkaze:

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Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Hi Melissa, I watched your video yesterday and really liked your opinions about Spain, please keep up the good work.

  2. Melissa, we have been looking at so many videos and yours is the most informative by far! We are planning on a trip to Spain in 2023, with the possibility of moving there in 2024. We will definitely be checking out the Soho district in Malaga. Thank you!

  3. Hi Melissa. My wife and I will be visiting Malaga from Nova Scotia this autumn (Sept 25-Oct 3) to see the area for retirement planning purposes. We would like to learn more about what it’s like to live there. Perhaps we can touch base to ask for your guidance on things we should see and consider

  4. Dear Melissa, That was such a nice reply, thank you. You are absolutely right, too much pressure. I should not think so far ahead. As you can see, I'm finding it difficult.
    About the language barrier, if only I were in Malaga, I could help you, having worked as an interpreter in medical settings. I know just what you mean about the doctor situation being difficult, because I was pregnant in Japan with at first a doctor who spoke nothing but Japanese and I sadly spoke almost none.
    How about this for an idea: write everything you want to tell the doctor out in English. Get help from a friend or Spanish teacher to translate it, writing the translation down. Give the translation to the doctor and ask them to write down what they want to say in Spanish. Then have someone translate it for you later.
    My husband has been learning French with Rosetta Stone (online), free through our local public library in the U.S. He says it's really good. But of course it takes time to learn how to speak easily.
    Best wishes, Jacqueline

  5. Thank you very much for your reply. May I please ask a follow-up question? My question would be, on those not-so good days that you may have because of living away from home (I certainly have always had them when I have moved), what things might make you think for a moment that you would like, eventually, to live somewhere else?
    I admire the way you were able to make friends there so quickly, it normally takes me ages in a new country.

  6. Dear Melissa,
    Thank you so much for this video. You cannot imagine how helpful it is to hear your advice and your perspective.
    I am having a difficult time deciding whether or not to move to Spain. Please could I ask you something? What I would like to ask you is, do you think that Spain (in your case Malaga) would be a good place to live in the very long term (years– for the rest of our lives), and do you think it is a good place to live with a child (who already speaks Spanish)?
    You are probably bombarded with questions, so I would understand if you didn't reply.
    Thanks for all your so generous and so helpful videos.
    Best wishes,

  7. Hi Melissa, you have a nice setup in your bedroom. Where did you get your vanity and mirror?

  8. Melissa, you are great!♥ It is a pleasure to be your teacher and help you with your Spanish!

  9. Top billing, woo hoo!! btw, that's me in my photo and I'm front of the Teatro Romano from 2011. Thank you so much for answering my questions! We are both retired now and still hoping to move to Malaga next year (ugh, one more Minnesota winter!). I'm fairly fluent in Spanish though could use more practice, but hubby will need to learn and Clara sounds like the type of learning he would need so I appreciate that info. also btw, you mention freezing up when you can't understand what Spaniards are saying to you in order to reply and just speaking in general. It's hard for me at times too and I am a lifelong Spanish learner (have a degree in Spanish). Speaking is a common issue with Spanish learners including me. But the Spanish love it when you try to speak their language so that helps. Thanks for the excellent information! I learned so much and you are inspiring to me! (I also love juevos rotos!)

  10. Hi Melissa! What an informative video – thank you! I'm planning to retire to the Malaga either next year or the following. Would love to hear if you have any thoughts on where to live as a single 62 year old. I'm bilingual spanish/english and would rather live among the locals. Kinda like the thought of moving to one of the beach towns east of Malaga. The only thing is I don't want to be forced to buy a car. Is it realistic?

  11. Hey hey new travel vlogger.. love this video.. Malaga is definitely in my list.. i live in Bali and i do lots of Bali videos too

  12. Wow, beautiful , I love the way you make this video. Its so detail and beautiful. Keep on going , you are doing an amazing work. Happy Travels. Best greeting from Bali

  13. Wonderful place. Very beautiful video. Nice creation. Great work friends.

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