A Virtual Tour of Malaga, Spain | Moving to Spain 2021


This video took me literally months to put together, and I’m so excited to finally share a virtual tour of the place we will soon call home, Malaga, Spain. Learn all about the climate, architecture, attractions, food, housing, and much more. Use the chapter markers below to rewatch sections that interest you most.

Leave a comment below to let me know, what is your favourite part of Malaga, based on what you’ve learned? What are you most excited to explore one day when you visit us? 😉

Let me know if you have any questions, and I will definitely respond. Thanks for watching!

00:00 – Intro
00:59 – Where is Malaga?
01:44 – Economy
02:11 – Transportation
03:11 – Tourism
03:42 – Climate
04:37 – Architecture
06:13 – Attractions
06:47 – Shopping
07:23 – Botanical Gardens
08:05 – Beaches
08:42 – Food (My paella video: https://youtu.be/jNsgjaT_eTM)
10:25 – Farmers Market
11:01 – Housing
12:34 – Outro

Check out my recent video on how to make paella!

All visual content in this video was sourced from the library of photos Trevor and I have personally taken, as well as royalty-free from Envato Elements (link below if you’re interested in trying), and a few items from other public sources like Wikipedia.

Equipment used:
Computer: Apple MacBook Pro 13″ M1
Camera – Fuji XT-30
Lens – Fuji 10-24mm f4
Editor – Final Cut Pro & Apple Motion
Music – Envato Elements* (https://1.envato.market/159rjd)
Graphics – Canva* (https://www.canva.com/join/dhz-jgd-wnf)

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The food lover's guide to Malaga Spain, Costa del Sol

Enjoy the delights this beautiful city has to offer. Capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga has amazing restaurants, cafes, and ice cream parlours.

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Marvel at the many wonderful food delights when visiting Malaga Spain, the infamous Costa del Sol city centre

Maravíllese con las maravillosas delicias gastronómicas cuando visite Málaga, el famoso centro de la ciudad de la Costa del Sol

Émerveillez-vous devant les nombreux délices culinaires lors de votre visite à Malaga en Espagne, dans le centre-ville infâme de la Costa del Sol

Bewundern Sie die vielen wunderbaren kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten bei einem Besuch in Malaga Spanien, dem berüchtigten Stadtzentrum von Costa del Sol

Полюбуйтесь множеством восхитительных кулинарных изысков, посетив Малагу, Испанию, печально известный центр города Коста-дель-Соль.

Lasciati incantare dalle numerose delizie gastronomiche quando visiti Malaga, in Spagna, il famigerato centro della Costa del Sol


Video Rating: / 5

20 gedachten over “A Virtual Tour of Malaga, Spain | Moving to Spain 2021

  1. I'm from Málaga and I can say that you nailed it.😊

  2. Malaga seems like a great place in Spain. One day I would like to visit there. Thank you for creating such a great video, greetings.

  3. Looking forward to visit Malaga when allowed, maybe this summer,, hopefully.

  4. I have learned so much about Malaga! Thank you for sharing this great video!:)

  5. Wonderful. I would love to live in Malaga. Great city

  6. I can't explain this, but in Andalusia there's something in the air.. it is the REAL Spain.. trust me..if you have been there , you are hooked for lifetime, and you wish you where born there..

  7. Hello Melissa.

    Great video you `ve made.

    For some years I am spending ceveral weeks (sometimes months) per year in Málaga. I felt in love with Málaga right from the start when I joint its people and the life style there.

    However without a job or savings it can get hard. My advice is learn Spanish and participate with los malagueños. I ´m sure that you will feel very comfortable there in the long run. Good luck!

  8. Thanks for your very informative video. I wanted to buy a vacation place in Malaga/Marbella, would you please help me since you live there now?

  9. This is the most thorough and comprehensive overview I have seen. I will be using this as an intro to Malaga for families and friends. Thank you for compiling a wonderful and informative video.

  10. Hello Melissa. Welcome to my country.
    I really liked your video and I hope you feel at home in Malaga.
    I live in Galicia, (on the other side of the country). As time passes, you will realize that Spain, despite being a relatively small country, is very diverse and rich in different customs, languages, landscapes, climate, etc …
    Anyway, welcome again and good luck!

    P.D: Ah !! a suggestion: I think it would be nice if you don't use a Mexican hat when you refer to Spain in the header of your channel …

    …. And finally: Excuse my English. It is a bit limited.


  11. Great video Melissa, we can see why you are excited to move there!

  12. Well done Melissa! I can already see you there!! The Botanical Gardens is my must see!!

  13. Si, todo hermoso y bueno🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸👏👏👏👌

  14. 👏🇪🇸✌️🇪🇸✌️🇪🇸✌️🇪🇸✌️😏

  15. I think the video maker is a fan of croquetas! 😅 almost every tapas pic had croquetas in it

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