Well THAT just happened 😆 Costa Del Sol – Day One


Costa Del Sol with Glencor – Day One – In this first daily vlog from Spain with Glencor, me, Matt Fryer and The Average Golfer Andy. Here we play La Quinta, get a little drenched then visit the Beautiful Ronda.

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20 gedachten over “Well THAT just happened 😆 Costa Del Sol – Day One

  1. I lived here 5 years and the thunder storm 🌩 were big awful weather

  2. Andy must have had a great time out with two of Manchester's finest coaches. Wonder if his game will improve as a result?

  3. Delayed comment but just had to chime in to say thanks for doing this type of travel vlog (w/ some golf thrown in, of course!) & thank you to Glencor for continually setting these trips up. I’m dying to get over to Spain & these types of vids not only keep feeding the desire but open my eyes to different possible locations to visit.

  4. So, the adidasgolf.com site generally sucks, a lot, when it comes to finding things that you see people wearing (Including the DJ/Garcia types). Where can I find that gray hat?

  5. Such a great job of shooting these videos. Capture the atmosphere of a place very well. Loved it. And! It's great that you teamed up with Andy The Average Golfer! Worlds collide.

  6. Another fun video from the travelling golfer

    That course was very picturesque, although those clouds looked ominous, did you have a one iron in the bag just in case

  7. the funniest part of that video from my perspective in the USA lol is it looks like the average golfer is sleeping at the wheel in the car haha threw me for a second.

  8. I have been to Ronda a few times and stayed in the Parador hotel next to the gorge, a couple of centuries ago the would throw their enemies into it. Nice to see Andy and Matt with you as I follow their channels as well as yours. Look forward to your next video Pete.

  9. Sure you get asked this 9999999 times a day, but what's with the take away in your swing? Seems to be different from everyone else and wonder what you're trying to cue

  10. Excellent! I subscribe to all 3 channels, can't wait to see the course vlogs, interested in Spain too so I'm just going to sit back & enjoy. 🍷🏌🏻‍♀️👏🏻🌞

  11. Great scenery, great food, great mates and great golf. What a great life you have Pete and a kitty cat to top it all off. #animalcount

  12. Good to see you all together
    Each and everyone a living legend!

    Another masterpiece of a video Pete, keep up the good work

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