Torremolinos to Benalmadena Costa del Sol Malaga Spain Walking Tour June 2022 [4K]


Torremolinos to Benalmadena Costa del Sol Malaga Spain Walking Tour June 2022 [4K]

Torremolinos is the perfect blend of a cosmopolitan town and a traditional Andalusian fishing village. With its seven kilometers-long coastline, Torremolinos offers wonderful, seafront promenades.

Benalmadena costa is one of the three main urban areas in Benalmadena. It has become one of Costa del Sol’s most essential locations, with its golden sandy beaches.

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Torremolinos, an old fishing village located just 13 kilometres from Málaga is, today, a fantastic holiday destination if you’re looking for nice beaches, an excellent climate, good food and buzzing nightlife. This town has more than 68,000 inhabitants, 15,000 of which are foreigners who’ve been seduced by its charms.

In the fifties, a key decade for Torremolinos, it became one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol. It enticed numerous foreigners, who were attracted by the town’s liberal character. Intellectuals of the time, artists and lots of members of the jet set enjoyed the sun during the day, and the animated evenings. This was the time of the famous cultural movement “movida malagueña.” Today, its nightlife is still legendary, thanks to the variety of beach bars and clubs where you can keep partying until dawn, most especially during the summer.

The Calle de San Miguel is the beating heart of the city where everything happens. It is a pedestrianised street lined with shops, which—at its end—gives out onto the promenade and the Playa de Bajondillo. Taking a stroll along San Miguel, you’ll come across the Molino de la Torre, a tower built in the fourteenth century, from which the guards of the Kingdom of Granada were defending the city, keeping guard from the excellent vantage point at the top of a cliff, protecting the city against the possible enemies who could attack from the sea. Today, it’s known as the Torre de Pimentel.

Lots of people say that Torremolinos has some of the best beaches in Málaga, thanks to both their length and their sand. One of the best known is the Playa del Bajondillo, located in the neighbourhood which it takes its name from, between Playamar and Playa de la Carihuela. 40 metres wide and more than a kilometre long, this beach is one of the most frequently visited thanks to how close it is to the city centre, and how easy it is to access. What’s more, it offers water sports, and you can enjoy a wonderfully relaxed beach day here.

Date of recording
04 June 2022 Saturday

See · Feel · Enjoy Andalucía

00:00 In this video
00:45 C de las Mercedes
00:55 C San Miguel
02:32 Plaza de la Nogalera
04:48 C Emilio Esteban
05:14 Avenida Palma de Mallorca
08:25 C Doña María Barrabino
09:24 Plaza de la Independencia
10:51 C Molino de Manoja
11:33 Avenida Palma de Mallorca
12:23 Plaza Costa del Sol
14:04 C de la Cruz
15:03 C Marques de Salamanca
16:09 Plaza de Andalucía
18:11 Plaza la Gamba Alegre
19:05 C San Miguel
20:53 Plaza de la Nogalera
22:36 Nogalera Bars and Clubs
23:53 C Danza Invisible
24:32 Nogalera Bars and Clubs
25:27 C la Nogalera
26:58 Plaza de la Nogalera
27:16 C la Nogalera
28:59 C Casablanca
29:47 C Santos Arcángeles
30:51 C Cuesta del Tajo
34:37 C del Bajondillo
35:20 C del Peligro
37:20 Paseo Marítimo de Torremolinos
44:13 Costa de la Carihuela
45:55 Outro


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Hot and sizzling atmosphere in Málaga, Andalucía, Spain! Have fun and enjoy holidays in Costa del Sol! Amazing beaches and fantastic views! Full of history, arts and culture! Your next perfect holiday destination!

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  8. My now wife and I stayed at the Melia in 2006, our first visit. My wife was visiting Europe for the first time (she's from S.E Asia) and I had wanted to show her a classic 'Costa'. Alas…I had a terrible shock when we got there: the place was Dead!! I was so shocked by how quiet it was, there were almost no tourists!
    Seeing this video, its great to see the resort has been developed and seems to be back to life.
    Hope the rest of the summer is good for the resort.

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