Torremolinos SPAIN Today – WARNING Things Have Changed Here…

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Beach walk along the Costa del Sol in Torremolinos, Spain. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Carihuela, where golden sands meet the sparkling Mediterranean. This 4K video captures the coastal charm, inviting you to relax and enjoy the scenic views of one of Spain’s most enchanting destinations.

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4K ULTRA HD Walk along documentary video made by PALM Fimi 2 camcorder

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22 gedachten over “Torremolinos SPAIN Today – WARNING Things Have Changed Here…

  1. I just checked Hotel Torremolinos Centro for a booking starting October 30 and it was £50/night. That is a typical off season price for three star. Every hotel puts up its prices during a busy week so maybe that was it.

  2. Will be holidaying in Torremolinos for the first time on 9th september,so a good preview. Will try to check out some of the bars featured.

  3. Me and a buddy went by interailing in 1981 for a month in Torremolinos.
    Oboy have it changed. Seen lots of videos from torremolinos.
    And only thing i recognized was the area around the train station.
    Guess that a lot changed since 42 years ago.
    Great videos. Greetings from a Swede !!

  4. In August all the factories courts etc are all closed and on holiday for the whole month so the hotels are all full during august

  5. HE SAID HE IS A SCOTSMAN and A "TERRY"?? Can anyone please tell me what a Terry is?

  6. I really enjoyed torromolinos, quite a few times I got the bus from marbella bus station. The la concha mountain is a great climb with stunning views too in marbella.

  7. That's the market rate…..there's a lot of demand and don't forget that a lot of these smaller family based hotels were almost ruined during the lockdown. Many went under or had to sell out to the big chains. They're just trying to get something back. It'll return to normal I reckon next near……

  8. Cheers for the update went to Spain in the eighties, Saw Meatloaf and Whitesnake in a Concert in Barcelona, brilliant night. August is the holiday season for the locals and in Italy and some take the whole month off.

  9. Torremolinos was a dump in the 60's and 70's, still looks a dump now. Just full of English people who wants Stoke or Barnsley in the sun. So ghastly – who wants to go abroad just to sit in English pubs and eat fish and chips?

  10. theres just too many foreigners here….k off back to william wallace land

  11. August is always full the Spanish head down here for a month. Im in fuengirola

  12. Hi Kevin, I heard you mention pride surely everyone is proud of who they are and flags they are represented by

  13. Great video. Thank you! I live in Lisbon and shoot videos on the street. Good luck!

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