Torremolinos Spain Nightlife – Hidden gems Bars and Restaurants where the Locals and Geordies go !

Torremolinos Nightlife Spain Costa Del Sol showing you some of the side streets and popular bars and restaurants with the locals and tourists. Subscribe FREE for New Videos at
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9 gedachten over “Torremolinos Spain Nightlife – Hidden gems Bars and Restaurants where the Locals and Geordies go !

  1. Didn't see those. should have turned left instead. You never know what's around the corner.

  2. Any "special offers" Kev plenty sympatico senoras around that area ! for a pub crawl Calle SanMiguel is the place to go ,love it down there or should say used to love it but it.s not a shadow of what it used to be

  3. Nice one buddy why has the comments been turned of in the walk about in the last vid

  4. Torremolinos was a very pleasant surprise. My girlfriend wouldn't go because her Dad had been and she thought it was a pensioner's paradise. My Lad said he wanted to go away with us in February 2020 and I spotted a nice hotel there and took a punt. Couldn't have been happier, really nice place from Torremolinos down to Fuengerola, it's huge. Loads of bars, loads of restaurants, loads to do, easy to get around, nice temperature for nearly the whole year round. It was mid 20s in the day at the end of Feb, but cool at night but ok. Honestly, like Spain was 20 years ago, get modern down by the beach and a bit older but nice further in. Excellent for walking around. You can head to the shops towards the beach and have a haggle. Will definitely go back

  5. It doesn’t look like there’s any police working that night with all the cars parked up , that bar next to the police station must be the safest in town, the local bars are usually the cheapest for a drink ,

  6. Thanks Kevin I thought I knew Torremolinos but haven’t come across these bars. I’m Scottish but will be visiting Peggie Sues next time. 👍

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