Torremolinos looks so empty right now without tourists! October 2020 Tour


Torremolinos looks so empty right now without tourists! October 2020 Tour

The plaza near the train station is undergoing a huge renovation right now. As I ventured through town, I could see that many of the shops are shuttered and the streets look empty. Without tourists this part of Spain looks to be suffering greatly. Making my way to the beach on a warm fall’s day, I could only find a handful of beach goers about. Looks like Torremolinos is in real trouble from what I saw.
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  1. Love seeing my favorite place thank you great video ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช

  2. I should be there right now but had to cancel due to Covid .
    Hopefully this mess gets cleaned up and we can all travel again .
    Love your videos by the way

  3. Nice video,loved seeing the All blacks bar.Always like going in there.Stayed in the Melia very nice.Keep filming.

  4. Ahh..really really love this video as I visit the area several times a year.
    Lovely Indian food at the Kathmandu and really friendly irish bar, the Bailey.
    I loved seeing the All Blacks bar…we walk from Los Adams down towards the Melia Hotel and stop here for a beer.
    Thank you!

  5. Hiya, we had our family holidays here in August 2019. We have walked those stairs many times, down to the beach, it is very sad to see so many places closed down now, thank you for sharing, always good to watch your videos, * Benalmรกdena is beautiful, all the white buildings and beautiful flowers, I can understand why that would be one of your favorite places, it is very beautiful. * thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ *great video *

  6. Nice video again. Sad to see that it is so quiet every where, but the places are and will be very nice.

  7. Nice video. Torremolinos is where everything started…specifically on the beaches of La Carihuela, the Hotel Pez Espada being a reference of the time where famous actors and actresses from Hollywood, presidents and kings from all over the world and celebrities in general stayed. The hotel has or had (I haven't been in for a long time) a photo gallery with famous people who have visited it. Our hairdresser is about 200 meters from this hotel.

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