MALAGA FOOD TOUR | Where to eat in Malaga – Traditional Spanish food and seafood in Malaga Andalusia

Wondering what to eat in Malaga? Come with us on a Malaga Food Tour to try out the best restaurants in Malaga and some traditional dishes from Malaga Andulusia Spain

First we try El Merendero near that Malagueta Beach and enjoy amazing razor clams and fried redfish

Next off to La Campana for more seafood. Here we try stuffed mussels, bocarones (fried anchovies), Huevas (fish roe and ovaries?) and fried octopus (polpo frito.)

We stop at Atarazanas market in Malaga to try Lomo en Manteca, a traditional pork dish preserved in it’s own lard. Spoiler, it’s so much better than it sounds!

Next up is lunch at Meson La Alegria where Geoff gets a little adventurous!
We try snails (Caracoles en salsa), Tripe in a chickpea stew (Callos a la andaluza), Deep fried pork and cheese rolls (Flamanquin), anchovies in vinegar (Boquerones en vinagre) & meatballs (Albondigas con tomate)


Next up is Dinner at Casa Lola, a hugely popular restaurant in Malaga. Everyone we met recommended this Malaga institution to us and now we know why, the food was amazing! We had Carne Mechaita, Chicharrones fritos and a wonderful red pepper salad.

Bienvenidos a Casa Lola

Last, but certainly not least, we had to try a dick waffle at The Dick Town. For whatever reason we’ve been seeing this kind of place around Spain, so why not? La pollerìa de Màlaga –

00:00 – Intro
00:14 – El Merendero
02:22 – La Campana
05:29 – Atarazanas Market
08:33 – Meson La Alegria
13:07 – Casa Lola
15:23 – Dick Town
16:49 – Thanks for watching

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