Mijas Pueblo Spain New Year January 2024 Update | Costa del Sol | Málaga [4K]

Mijas Pueblo is the historical core of the municipality of Mijas, situated in the heart of the Costa del Sol in southwestern Spain. It lies only 30 kilometres from Málaga Airport. It has a varied landscape that goes from the mountains all the way to the sea.

The area of Mijas is mostly mountainous with growing developments along the coast and on the gentler parts of the mountain slopes. The Pasadas and Ojen rivers cross this area, they join to form the Rio Fuengirola which flows into the sea almost on the limits between Fuengirola and Mijas.

The Municipality, one of the largest in the Province of Málaga, with 147 km² is divided into three different urban areas: Mijas Pueblo, conserving the charm of a traditional Andalucian “white village”, Las Lagunas on the coast (the most modern area of Mijas where you can find industrial and commercial areas), and La Cala, a small but rapidly expanding seaside village in the centre of the 12 kilometres of beaches on the Mijas coast.

Inhabited since ancient times, a small village Mijas was devoted mainly to agriculture and fisheries to the explosion of the tourist boom in the 1950s. Since then, tourism and construction sector have been the engines of local economy, triggering at the same time the population and per capita income, albeit at a high environmental cost. Today it is a multicultural city with a high percentage of residents of foreign origin and a major residential centers of tourism in Andalusia.

Date of recording
28 January 2024
02:58pm Sunday

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00:00 In this video
01:00 Mirador Hermanos Nuñez Andréu
01:30 Avenida Virgen de la Peña
02:18 Mijas Burro Taxi
03:10 Avenida del Compás
03:24 Mirador del Compás
04:14 Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña
04:51 Mirador del Compás
07:55 Avenida del Compás
08:11 Avenida Virgen de la Peña
13:20 Plaza Virgen de la Peña
15:20 Pasaje Salvador Cantos Jiménez Cantón
16:34 C de los Caños
17:47 Avenida del Compás
20:15 Plaza de la Constitución
21:03 Panoramic views and Restaurants
24:30 Plaza de la Constitución
26:07 C Muros
28:12 Paseo de la Muralla
31:00 Plaza del Auditorio
32:10 Paseo de la Muralla
37:07 Plaza de Toros
37:36 Cuesta de la Villa
38:25 Plaza de la Constitución
39:35 C Málaga
39:50 Plaza de la Libertad
40:05 Plaza de Jesús Nazareno
40:23 C San Sebastián
41:44 Plaza de la Libertad
42:14 C Málaga
45:12 Plaza de la Paz
46:51 Outro


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Hot and sizzling atmosphere in Málaga, Andalucía, Spain! Have fun and enjoy holidays in Costa del Sol! Amazing beaches and fantastic views! Full of history, arts and culture! Your next perfect holiday destination!

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  1. Hi! Mijas Pueblo offers a magnificent views of Fuengirola and the ocean. This charming town has the traditional Andalusian "white village" atmosphere – houses with white walls and cute terraces, potted plants, and streets with cobblestones. Visiting this town is surely worth it!

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  2. Wow, What a beautiful place, how beautiful everything is here

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