Malaga Spain 2020 – Beautiful Beaches and Towns – Travel Video 4K
14 november 2020 Costa del Sol

This video is about the lovely moments I catched when wandering around Malaga province, Spain.

“The province of Málaga is located in southern Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalucia, on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. Its coastline is commonly referred to as the Costa del Sol. Extending along 161 kilometres of coastline, the environment encompasses mountainous regions, coastline and farmland. The backdrop of most of the coastline has majestic mountains, which pin the towns and cities to the waters edge. Inland there are numerous traditional white washed villages. The city of Malaga splits the east and west coastline of the province.”

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– Cinematography: Nhu Le
– Cut and Editing: Nhu Le
– Equipment: Samsung Galaxy S9+, Nikon P1000
– Software: Premiere Pro
– Music: Jessica Hart – Soul Phazed (

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  3. Fantastisks Alternative

    Nice video!! Thank you! What village appears in the end with beautiful white houses?

  4. Eduardo Perinotti

    I love Spain and of the spanish people …..

  5. Very beautiful Spanish beach and streets

  6. Nutriție Sportivă

    Ohh, i so much love Malaga. God help to win the Lottery and start a new life there. 😘😘🙏🙏🙏🤲🤲🤲

  7. So many familiar and loved places…. and a cracking tune to accompany them. Thank you

  8. Sergi Vallespinós

    Nice one!!

  9. Maravilloso

  10. beautiful shot, lovely villages, i am still here to say i was there last october. so happy and so inlove with andalucia.

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