Life on the Costa del Sol – It's all about the lifestyle


Life on the Costa del Sol - It's all about the lifestyle

Today I chat to Mia who has just moved to Málaga on the Costa del Sol from the US. We chat about her experience with Spain’s Golden Visa, her passion for Spanish food, and how her husband is adapting to life there.

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20 gedachten over “Life on the Costa del Sol – It's all about the lifestyle

  1. As a pilot myself there used to be an straight fligh from Málaga to JFK with de Delta Airlines

  2. Hey Stuart, Mia found me through my youtube channel last summer and we met up in Madrid, then she invited us (my girlfriend and I) down to Malaga while she was looking for property. Mia and her husband have been so friendly and helpful with us. As they say in Andalusian Spanish: "Mu guena gente!" Fast forward and we're both living here in Malaga together and we get together quite often as friends. It's funny how creating youtube channels can lead you to all these connections you never would've had otherwise. Take care mate.

  3. Great spot Mia, I know the cathedral quite well, whenever we go Malaga myself and my wife stay at gran hotel Miramar, 5 minute walk away. We would walk past the cathedral to go to Centro to do shopping, hanging out at calle marques de larios and just chilling out. Enjoyed this interview hope to see more of Mia !

  4. Kudos to Mia's choice of a Nokia 9000 for that authentic retro 20th-century-feel video and sound quality! 😅☎📺📞

  5. I thought Iberia had a flight to Miami from Malaga via Madrid. Also Air France via Paris!

  6. As an American with a French passport, I found this a very helpful podcast! I truly appreciate the input from a fellow American, as we are also looking to retire in Spain in the near future. Thanks Stuart and Mia!

  7. Really enjoyed this video…. We live about 1.5 hours East from Malaga in las Alpujarras….I’ve just subscribed to Mía s channel too

  8. Spanish is Spanish! No one gets upset when you say local words from other Spanish speaking countries, on the contrary we just realize or identify when the person is from!

  9. We too prefer to be near the sea and LOVE Malaga!! I didn't like hearing that it's getting tough for Americans to obtain a Visa. Pues….a ver lo que pasa. And, you have the same situation that I do as my husband does not speak Spanish and I do. That is one thing that worries me about moving there as I'd rather not be the translator all the time.

  10. Clearly all that 1/2 mil investment stopped ol' Mia from purchasing a decent webcam, mic and internet connection… pobre!

  11. The quality of ingredients are not as good overall. The right type of chorizo is very hard to find as is the rice in some areas. We moved here from Kansas City. I could get saffron relatively cheap at the KC City Market (River Market). But I fell in love with Spanish cooking!

  12. Hi Stu!
    I keep missing most live shows but love the watch it later option.
    I really enjoyed this guest…probably because I’m from the states lol.
    You helped me remember the beer I loved when I lived here as a test run in 2020 just before and during lockdown-Alhambra reserva 1925. Now to drink the 3 cases of Heineken I bought first 🍺😂. I am worried about the haulier strike as I’m disabled and order online and can’t run out of 🍺. Be well.-Bilbao

  13. I'd like more of the same. Besides, I appreciate hearing another accent. The other Mia in the channel doesn't say much. I have a lot of questions about cooking something more or less Spanish in North America and her channel looks perfect for that.

  14. Looks like a good choice of where to live. We have friends who live north of Malaga in one of the white villages. It’s lovely for a holiday but I wouldn’t choose to live there. So cold in winter and so hot in summer, plus not much for teenagers to do

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