How to Visit Malaga Spain in a Day – Must See Travel Video | 80+ Countries w/3 Kids

Pack your bags, buy a ticket and come to Malaga, Spain – one of the oldest cities in the world. This beautiful 2800-year-old city lies on the “Costa del Sol” – Coast of the Sun, and this is already reason enough to visit it.

Malaga’s Gothic cathedral, the 11th-century Gibralfaro castle, and Alcazaba are guaranteed to leave you speechless. If you are still not convinced, you should know that Pablo Picasso, Solomon Ibn Gabirol, and Antonio Banderas were born here. In fact, The Museo Picasso is still one of the most popular tourist attractions in this city, and it treasures the admiring collection of 204 Picasso’s works.

We hope you enjoy our day trip and video! Comment below and let us know where you’re watching from.

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13 gedachten over “How to Visit Malaga Spain in a Day – Must See Travel Video | 80+ Countries w/3 Kids

  1. My first thought was "What a fantastic mother these girls have" . You managed to travel and have fun, learn and share. I usually see in my trips parents carrying bored adolescents that only want to buy, eat or check their phones, and parents paying a fortune for that. In your case I could see the opposite. Of course it is easier for the mother to just walk and leave kids with the phone, but this woman must have big purposes and the capacity to enroll the girls in cultural matters, that makes the difference and is called "Culture". I am sure these girls will have a solid background in the future. I will visit Malaga next week and I will remember your fresh and happy guidance. Thank you!

  2. Terrible, precocious, children pushed into spouting info that they are not even sure about….
    Not a guide to Malaga but a guide to how to pretend you know something about somewhere and how 'clever' your children are

  3. Interesting how the child speak the truth when the says it was rude starving the population

    Exactly what the Saudi/UK/US/EU/Israel coalition are doing to the people of Yemen at this moment and the mainstream media does not even mention.

    ……and many other countries apart from Yemen

  4. Great Travel video ! We went Malaga last month and it was awesome. We did a road trip to Gibraltar in just 1 hour and I would strongly recommend doing that

  5. Looks so pretty, would love to visit only concern with visiting foreign countries with kids is their safety but you make it seem so simple😀

  6. I went to College in Malaga, loved to see you walk the same streets I used to walk 🙂

  7. Aww I love how the girls remember the info and they are getting educated. I did enjoy myself. The background info is great

  8. Hi you all, it looks like a modern town built around ancient  structures which gives it its beauty and very clean looking too and thanks for the upload !  what also be nice to find its oldest resident ancestors ?

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