a very special & emotional trip to torremolinos…


Hi Vanders! Hope you’re doing well. In this travel vlog I take you with me on a very special and emotional trip to Torremolinos in Spain. Together with my grandpa and Pommy I went there to both bring back memories and make new ones of our own… Enjoy!

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16 gedachten over “a very special & emotional trip to torremolinos…

  1. A very special and emotional travel vlog 💕❤️🇪🇸 Enjoy loves ☀️🥰

  2. I love to see you are happy!
    I love your content. The way you film and produce it is so unique. Especially you and your whole vibe that you stay true to yourself is so inspiring 🌟

  3. OMG you and ur dog are SOOO CUTE!!!! oml i wish u were my sister or mom so i could come along with you and have you positive person. This vlog was amazing. LOVE YOU SANNE <3333 also my favorite socks you got were the strawberry socks. THOSE WERE SOOOO CUTE!!! These trips must be amazing, from seeing the background it looks so beautiful.

  4. It was so emotional 🥺🥺I’m so happy that you and grandpa had a wonderful time – these are memories to cherish💗thank you for sharing them 💗I remembered my trip with my gran and all my aunts. 💗it was emotional but a stylish trip sanne! Loved all your outfits esp the blueish pink midi 💗lots of love to you & fam! And pommy is so well behaved! 🥳absolute angel 🌸stay gold! Stay happy 😊

  5. I love watching your vlogs. It makes us feel more connected with you. ❤️🥰🥰

  6. What a wonderful endearing thing for your grandpa to take you along where he and grandma went. Very sweet . Touches at the heart strings for you and a memory that will always live within you ! Have fun ;stay safe!! Love the heart glasses .My daughter loved a shirt of Paris Hilton that said" that's hot .she wore that into her teens for sleep , first it as a long nightie then as she grew it became a shirt. .😂 such a lovely trip thankyou for sharing💖💞

  7. How many degrees was there? I live like 600 km from there and still pretty cold:))))

  8. I was waiting for this video . thank you ❤️
    how was your day ?🌟

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