A Tour of MALAGA, SPAIN | Is It Worth Visiting?


Exploring the city of Malaga, part of the Costa del Sol region on the Mediterranean Sea of southern Spain. Here’s a travel story I wrote that explains in more detail why I wasn’t able to go to Morocco: https://gabrieltraveler.medium.com/my-travels-from-greece-to-ireland-b8cfe2d9e478
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20 gedachten over “A Tour of MALAGA, SPAIN | Is It Worth Visiting?

  1. I loved the video. I always wanted to travel to different parts of Spain. My favorite artist Salvador Dali was from Spain. You really are living the dream, getting to travel so much. You are doing what I always wanted to do except I won't travel alone. I prefer to travel with another person. It is much more fun at least for me. Safe travels.

  2. Unsure what to make of Malaga but il say this, the streets are very clean and pretty. It also has lots of cafes and restaurants in nice areas.

  3. I’ve noticed that in Malaga you need to watch out for the tourist food places/ local drinking places. If there is cheap wine and beer at a popular road the food is usually expensive and not very good.

  4. Hello Gabe! I have seen many of your videos and I think is informative. Question for you about traveling to Malaga or Spain in general right now. Do you think it is wise for someone around my age without vaccine traveling there? Thanks for your suggestion in advance!

  5. me: born and raised in Málaga watching a video about visiting Malaga

    By the way, in my opinion Malagueta beach is one of the ugliest beaches of Málaga, I don´t know why it is so famous, I think it is because it is the nearest from city centre.

  6. Having stayed in Torremolinos for a week, it is worth visiting Malaga for a few hours – got some good places to visit there. And we have seen practically all the sites you went to

  7. A port city that epitomises the Andalusian lifestyle, Malaga is best known for its most famous son – artist and sculpture Pablo Picasso. … Explore charming laneways and energetic plazas in the city's historical centre and sample the full-bodied flavours of Andalusian cuisine in the many bars and restaurants throughout.

  8. awesome…………. Can't leave Australia, so l travel with you. Cheers!

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