A Pandemic Holiday // Visiting Costa del Sol during Coronavirus (2020)


Travel between the Spanish Autonomous Communities is allowed, but still the international borders are predominantly closed to tourists.
This is a problem.
A massive chunk of Spain’s GDP comes in the form of tourist money; and arguably it is the lifeblood of the country.
I also work in the industry – the Madrid & Darracott wine shop lives thanks to tourists too.
I wanted to see the vibe in one of the most popular tourist hot spots in the country: the legendary Costa del Sol.
It was also an opportunity for me to break free of Madrid where I had been solo running my business for months, and reconnect with some family and friends. And eat… of course.

I hit up: Malaga, Benalmadena (Costa, Arroyo de la Miel, Pueblo), Mijas, Fuengirola, and Cartama.

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Thanks. And stay safe!
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15 gedachten over “A Pandemic Holiday // Visiting Costa del Sol during Coronavirus (2020)

  1. My mother is from Palma de Mallorca and she enjoys your videos very much. Very well done!

  2. Mijas Pueblo is beautiful and would normally be very busy , so it's really sad to see it so empty. Let's hope things improve soon.

  3. under this difficult situation, let's just enjoy with a creative way and stay safe in the meantime. at 3:40 the white houses are stunning, so beautiful

  4. Costa de las mascarillas !! No hay mas nada de bueno. Hasta la próxima vez!

  5. Beautiful neighborhood and nice view !! Thanks for sharing !! Greetings from NYC and Let’s stay connected 😊👍

  6. Great video… We’re heading out to Torremolinos at the end of August pending a second wave of COVID-19
    I really hope things can get to some kind of normal by then but I’m not holding my breath.
    All I want to know is that I can get back to the U.K. in need be.

  7. Love this Luke! I hope it was a break, because it looked like you worked pretty hard on getting some lush shots of the views and sights. Lovely stuff.

  8. Thanks for capturing this “irrepetible” moment of time just when everything is weirdly/nicely empty in Spain! We had a same kind of feeling in Mojacar mid June and I will remember that feeling of calm, piece and anxiety at the same time for ever I think☺️ what is your cousin and her couple doing for living? stay safe!

  9. Hombre Luke sigues vivo jejeje
    Nos quedamos sin turistas estamos en la mierda…..resistiremos!!

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