🏖️ NERJA Spain – Travel GUIDE | AXARQUIA | Costa del Sol [SPAIN]


We hope you find useful this Travel Guide – Online Guided Tour of NERJA, a beautiful coastal town on the Costa del Sol, in Málaga, Andalucía, South of Spain.

Nerja is famously known for its Balcón de Europa, a lookout point in the shape of a balcony. The Coast of Nerja has around 13km of beaches, and around 17 beaches in total!

The Cueva de Nerja is also very important to the Town, with international fame.

Stay tuned and let us take you around some of Nerja’s important landmarks and beaches!

In order of appearance in the video, you will come across with;
01:15 Intro to Nerja
01:48 Balcón de Europa
03:55 Iglesia de El Salvador
04:49 Plaza de España
06:01 Calle Pintada
06:29 Parque Verano Azul
06:35 Verano Azul Serie
06:55 La Dorada Boat
08:16 Plaza Los Cangrejos
09:19 Other beaches to visit
11:03 Cueva de Nerja
& in between many beaches to visit and streets to walk along.

(NOTE: When we film ourselves without masks at any landmark or on the streets, we make sure that there is nobody around. Safety first!)

*Special thanks to the street artist playing on the guitar.

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  1. Great video – very useful thank you !! Loved your northern english accents too 😀

  2. Who was there on the beach this year or last year? Is the treatment plant in operation and is the water quality OK?

    Do feces float in the water?

  3. Loved the content,my wife and I are visiting this weekend,much appreciated.

  4. Love the content thank you,my wife and I are visiting next weekend,much appreciated.

  5. Tolles Video mit schönen Bildern und Erklärungen. Nerja eine Stadt mit richtig viel Charme………………..

  6. Captivated from the moment you began. You two are just the best. Presentation is brilliant and also so endearing, and the passion and the enthusiasm you show and just how eloquent (the way you put things) you are is just utterly infectious. This comes from a deep love for places in a country you call home – and what a home. I would give anything to let you be my tour guides. If I get to go ONCE to Spain I will become the luckiest guy on Earth. My girlfriend and her family have been several times. I hope to go too.

  7. Great place hope they have finally sorted the sewage problem out with the new treatment works that’s been ongoing for year#

  8. great video i still remember "Plaza Balcón de Europa also memories came back…. i was there in 2009

  9. Brilliant guys! Love the Beautiful scenery and interesting facts. But above all your amazing personalities and sense of humor. More technical breaks from now on! Lol! 😛

  10. Another good video as all the others 😉👍love seeing you both xx

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