UK family who drowned in Costa del Sol pool named


Diya and his two children drowned on Christmas Eve while on a family holiday in Spain.…
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10 thoughts on “UK family who drowned in Costa del Sol pool named

  1. ok a 9yr old can drown, but a 50yr old and 16yr old altogether WTF that's weird

  2. There is a cover up going on. there was something wrong with pump system, causing pressure in the water that pulled the people down. Man tried to save them also nearly got sucked under and he is a swimmer. They don't want to lose tourists business which is why they are covering it up.

  3. Let’s all stop and think about the whole situation. Whether they can swim or not swim. Whatever their parenting skills, as some of you have pointed out, whatever the ethnicity, the important point is a family has drowned. YES! All three members have drowned. The questions those who are quick judge should be asking is, ‘where were the life guards?’ Every holiday pool, swimming pool, or whatever pool should have life guards on stand by.

    The reviews written by some people are judgemental and focus more on ethnicity, parenting skills and cultural back ground. What would you say if they were not African, Afro Caribbean…?

  4. How on earth did this happen? Were no other people around? Seems strange to me that this could have happened in such a public place. So terribly sad.

  5. Not teaching your children to swim = neglect! Poor parenting and I'm being polite!

  6. Three people, all from the same family–including two teens–drowned at the same time in the same swimming pool?

    I'm supposed to believe that?

  7. talking about Nigeria why MSM not reporting on the Christians that were executed by isis boko haram fighters on Christmas day ?.

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