20 thoughts on “Tributes paid to family who died in Costa del Sol pool tragedy

  1. Just because the pool was small don’t mean that there should be no life guard

  2. No way was this an accident,he was a big man ,something not right here.

  3. I'm no Einstein – but if you can't swim, or your kids can't swim – beware of the water because it only takes a few inches of water to drown in

  4. Reading the comments in disgust. A mother lost her whole family regardless of the nationality and race. Have some respect for other human beings! Some people in here will die soon.. Karma

  5. Nigerians! They’re flaming dodgy people with a history of criminal behaviour. 3 drowned & 2 of them were adults. I’m sorry, something doesn’t add up here & one had a American passport.

  6. As ever, I see the usual heartless & racist comments from psychopaths, hiding behind their keyboards, having an opinion on peoples backgrounds they know nothing about in a tragic time.

  7. It still baffles me how if you cant swim you would be in water and how there was nobody there to help the girl that could swim (it just doesnt add up)

  8. There is definitely something fishy here! How can a grown man drown in a resort swimming pool? Aren’t these swimming pools not deep? Parents usually teach their children how to swim in them, so the parent’s feet should be able to touch the bottom? I can see a young child drowning, but only if they were the only one in the pool at the time. How the hell can a child, older brother, AND father all drown at the same time? As a safety precaution resort pools are not deep. We are NOT getting the truth from resort, or the police. The mother is correct, something else caused the deaths of her family.

  9. If they are not British with and British passport, then our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson isn’t British as well because he was born in the USA 🇺🇸

    Same for our lovely Prince Phillip who was born somewhere else. You people are just illiterate and stupid.

  10. Still better than having to sit through Michael McIntyre's christmas shows! If I had to choose between this and watching that I'd wear my speedos under my jeans on the plane.

  11. Their deaths are suspicious. Police investigation is needed.
    May be they have been murdered by people in hotel using sophisticated techniques as they all could swim according to mum’s statement.

  12. How deep was the pool …what about life guard aids like rings….some pools r deceiving deeper than they should be

  13. Is it right that they couldn't swim? If so this is an act of pure idiocy.

  14. And now they will blame the owners of the pool.
    If you can't swim don't go in the pool.

  15. Sorry to hear about their lost and I send my condolences to the family.. however it needs to be investigated to know the reason. Rip all of them

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