Malaga Q&A | All you need to know before moving to Spain!


It is finally time to answer YOUR questions about moving to Spain, more specifically life in Malaga! Thank you for all the amazing questions – they were a big help in terms of filming this video AND for the continuous contemplation process that I’m finding myself in at the moment… 🧐 #movingtospain #movingtomalaga

The questions we are going to cover today:

1) Is it always sunny in Malaga?
2) Does Malaga have beaches?
3) How is the Internet speed in Malaga?
4) What is the cost of living in Malaga, Spain?
5) What type of visa do I need to live in Spain?
6) What are the best things to do in Malaga Spain?

Any questions that were left unanswered, please comment below! 👇I will get to them personally! 🙏

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