Pump system at Costa del Sol resort examined


The holiday operator CLC World Resorts and Hotels says a police investigation has found no concerns with the pool or procedures.

Police are examining the pump system of a Costa del Sol resort swimming pool in which a British father and two children died.

They are reported to be a nine-year-old girl, her father, 52 and her 16-year-old brother.

They were found unresponsive in the pool at Club La Costa World on Christmas Eve.

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20 gedachten over “Pump system at Costa del Sol resort examined

  1. Anyone looked at chemicals in the pool?
    Sodium Hypochlorite is commonly used. If this could lead to a chlorine vapour just above the water, that's pretty toxic.

  2. The investigation showed that the pool was working “normally” not properly

  3. Where is Richard Branson to help financially on THAT case?…

  4. Who got them out of the water and how? Is it true a swimmer did try to get them out and was also pulled to the centre? With 21 pools; drainage and cleansing system must be pretty powerful?

  5. I don't think we are getting the whole story. The mother said they all knew how to swim. Then how did they drown in a pool.

  6. She has instructed a "lawyer" already – silly question coming up, I wonder who will be paying for it ? If "they could swim" that would make the remainder of us capable of swimming the Channel before breakfast daily !

  7. My deepest sympathies go out to the family tragically biscuit is not need to be a cover up

  8. This makes no sense at all! It's a swimming pool not the med sea tidal wave🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. Three people drown in swimming pool Not deep, even if non swimmers?!! somethings not right here…

  10. something seems off here a small swimming pool and three people drowned, from what I saw in the news the investigation into the pool and its safety was done really quickly too quick id say

  11. Is just weird 3 people and no one heard them screaming or shouting for help is like they are hiding something

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