17 gedachten over “Marbella Nightlife Final

  1. Supercars, hot chicks, cocktails & long drinks, dj music: what more could I ask for? ^o^

  2. I prefer Catalunya that's why I chose to live there. Plenty of Spanish ……oops …….Catalans and no Lager Louts!

  3. Entry fees, techno music, hookers, stds, ripp-off drinks, metrosexuals… my kinda hell.

  4. this is puerto banus and very expensive..marbella is very spanish and quiet and also cheaper…..

  5. this is really an adversitiesment..  I live near Marbella and love it but the quiet side.. not this… 

  6. Is the nightlife cool when youre 16? Are you allowed into the clubs??

  7. COOL!!!!!! If this is life then i can't ever dream too…. becoz….. its horrible "EXPENSIVE" dream too…….

  8. Cars – Puerto Banus
    News Cafe, Aqwa Mist, Se7en – Puerto Banus
    Funky Buddha – Marbella Golden Mile

    Why the hell did you not film Olivia Valere?!

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