Malaga, Spain Nightlife


After a long day of touring we all rested up, got some good food and headed out to a Cuban bar and to a club we kept passing before leaving the next afternoon to the airport.

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Things To Know Before You Go-Malaga, Spain

Things to Know Before You Go – Malaga, Spain

City Center Apartment in Malaga, Spain

City Center Apartment in Malaga, Spain

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20 gedachten over “Malaga, Spain Nightlife

  1. Yeah I have heard of this city before! It close from gilbraltor!! Looks like you guys had fun 😉

  2. foooood! So hungry now! I was here a couple of years ago, missed my flight and only got to spend a night here, looks like I missed a lot 🙁

  3. I'm glad that you highlighted that they clean the streets after all the partying. That lets me know they care about their city. I've been to places where you can clearly see no F's are given.

  4. you make me want to go to spain. I really want to visit Malaga

  5. It's crazy how a city can change over a few hours. Lucky you had Bunny McBallerina to show you the way

  6. Love Spain. I love Europe because people will sit in a restaurant all night and talk and laugh. I really like that vibe!!! How come there's is no footage of you throwing it down???? Lol. You look great in that dress btw

  7. I've spent a lot of time in Malaga but only as a child and so I've never really seen or experienced the nightlife – the club looked cool, especially with the drumming!

  8. I just love Spain, never been to Malaga…yet. It looks fantastic.

  9. Whoa! I never got to go out in Malaga, so following your adventures through these cool spots really helped me see what I missed out on. Que genial!

  10. I liked Malaga's nightlife a lot and you did a great job showing it. I preferred the villages in the mountains, but it's just different!

  11. I love Spain so much but haven't been to Malaga yet. The food in the coast looks so yummy…sign me up for seafood!

  12. Looks like fun. Nothing better than chillin in the cut. Seems like a great nightlife scene.

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