CYCLING in Benalmádena, Costa del Sol!? | Ep 26


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Cool little spontaneous trip to Malaga. Why not?! Shoutout to World Holiday Resort and Fast-Monkey bike hire for this!

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20 thoughts on “CYCLING in Benalmádena, Costa del Sol!? | Ep 26

  1. Honestly, Holiday World is an outsanding Resort. Finally, a hotel on the Costa del Sol with the Bikefriendly certificate, thinking of cyclists. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

  2. The amount of times I've done the brickworks is un true… if you want me to check Strava I can give you an exact number

  3. Once you started mentioning climbs around the Costa del Sol I knew Míjas had to be involved somewhere – never done it on a bike but can imagine it is brutal.

  4. I'm from Málaga , living now in Finland. Eat some Locas in some coffee brake! 😉

  5. Matildas in Torremuelle! Stayed in Torremuelle alot and my usual place for fresh bread/rolls.

  6. I live in Blackpool and I can tell you the wind has got stronger and the rain has not stopped, it's seriously grim at the mintue

  7. What a neat service Fast Monkey provides – I just checked their site, prices are SUPER reasonable. Are there similar performance rental bike services in Mallorca that you would recommend, Cam?

  8. You dont feel comfortable asking for money i can tell 😊. All the best in the new season i hope you go pro 👍🏻

  9. Just seeing that sunshine on the screen has brightened up both my day and my mood. Thanks for sharing and great riding. This is a very hilly and beautiful part of Spain. Enjoy!!

  10. Done!! I’m officially a Cameron Jeffers sponsor!!! Wait, do I get my name on the jersey? Shorts? Socks? Hat?😂😂😂😂…good luck Cam, and look forward to 2019!!

  11. You lucky …….. I was in Malaga for the vuelta a few months ago, its been – 6 – 8 all week now in Poland, and far worse is yet to come!!!

  12. Did you put subtitles on Monica for the southerners??? 🤣

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