Costa del Sol Jumping Puzzle (Ultimate) | FFXIV


Costa del Sol Jumping Puzzle (Ultimate) | FFXIV

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20 thoughts on “Costa del Sol Jumping Puzzle (Ultimate) | FFXIV

  1. You finally made it! Good job, thought you would never do.

  2. All I have to say is FUCK these Jump puzzle shit. If you want us to do them then make it so we can grab ledges.

  3. I'm glad the hatching event wasn't this difficult lol

  4. That reminds me, I need to level ninja so I can cheese this if they do it again.

  5. They got my patience KO at the "jumping part"

  6. Coming from gw2. this event its a piece of cake compared to Mad King's Clock Tower Jumping Puzzle
    but very good nonetheless

  7. "Do you get anything out of this? No, absolutely nothing."

    The smile on your face at the end says otherwise, Larry.

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