9 thoughts on “AVE Malaga to Madrid Spanish Fast Train operated by RENFE

  1. Never been on one of these. I will next time I’m in Spain tho. Great review, as always 😉

  2. I don't know why Google's algorithm recommended your video but I'm glad it did. They're so relaxed and calm, like an old friend talking about a trip they took. Hope this finds you safe and well. We'll get past this rough bit, the industry will return and you'll be off on new adventures.

  3. People use domestic flights in Spain because they connect from long-distance flights and the airports aren't very well connected to the high speed rail network. Especially in Madrid, where you would expect it to be the best, it's actually terribly connected. It takes up to an hour to get from the airport to Atocha station, where the high speed trains leave.

  4. This is not an 'older style' train. Actually this train sets were received by RENFE in 2012 and onwards.

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